VR 360 (virtual tour)


The technology of spherical cameras makes possible quick preparation of panoramas. Now the shooting takes 15 minutes to an hour.

Google street view

Ability to place panoramas in Google maps.


Still – up to 15M (5472×2736)
Video 4k  4096×2048 (24fps)

Advantages of VR 360


You do not need to visit the object to display the object. You do not need to negotiate with the owner of the object about the show. Do not waste time with agents, customers and sellers.

24 hour

Virtual tour unlike people works constantly 24 hours a day. It can be viewed simultaneously from different countries by several thousand people.

SEO (search engine optimization) help

Linking an object to a google map helps to promote an object in search of browsers.


Much cheaper than the fee for site visits, spent gasoline, empty telephone conversations.

Quick payback

The object becomes really understandable for customers, and they quickly decide to buy an object.

Increase in site traffic

Virtual tours are very interesting and much faster than real site visits. The client gets a full picture of the property. Sites with virtual tours are visited by more people than sites with ordinary photos.